Saturday, May 4, 2013


Blouse: J Crew | Cardigan: J Crew (old) | Jeans: Vigoss | Necklace: Brighton | Sunglasses: Chanel | Purse: Coach

I love versatility in an outfit especially on a day when you have multiple things to do and places to be as I did today.

My day started out with taking my dogs from my apartment to my fiancé's parents' home. From there I got my nails done and drove to the campground where my fiancé was with a couple of friends (luckily it was only 30 mins away and I didn't get lost). We sat around for awhile and I took a walk by the pond. Today was another beautiful day. There were ducks and geese all around.

I left shortly after dinner because I wanted to make it to church tonight rather than early tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I got the times mixed up and was too late (you might think my outfit today is too casual for church but I was told by a certain someone that you didn't have to dress up if you go on Saturdays - truth or myth???).

It ended up working out just perfectly because I was able to catch up with a very close girlfriend of mine who is moving in a few weeks to Key West (so jealous!). We went to my favorite Italian restaurant and I had a second dinner. Now I am stuffed!

All in all, a busy day but loved how my outfit worked with everything I had to do.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening!


  1. You look so cute! Lovely outfit!

  2. Loved the outfit then and now. And at least you'll have a great place to come visit me. Luv you :)